Unlocking Social to Boost Business and Revenue

There is ongoing talk about why social commerce hasn’t taken off, yet, but Open People Network took a different approach. ‘The Rise of Social Commerce’ panel, with Jeremy Potvin from World of Angus, Tim Wooton from Rover Parking, and Sascha Darius Mojtahedi from Bunz, took a “if you’re going to harness the interactions on social platforms to boost business and revenue, this is what you need to do” approach. Probably the most dynamic discussion we’ve have had to date, here are some key takeaway. For more insight, watch the show

One line that I felt really summed up all of our panelists’ efforts was that you need to be persistent, driven and test everything to see what works best in your space. In the ever-evolving social commerce space, there was agreement across all panelists that you must continuously experiment and learn; Jeremy Potvin set a goal of meeting one new person a week that is smarter than him, to challenge himself and learn from their experiences. Also important is to pick your strategy and stick to it. Drive it until you feel it can be tweaked for better success, but don’t be afraid to change quickly if you’re seeing less success – social media is real time, don’t get bogged down. Lastly, always consider new things to test and try that will have people talking and sharing. I leave you with three words: build, measure, learn.

Thank you to our panelists: Jeremy with great with his “no crap”
approach to business and his endless effort to produce continuous streams of content; Sascha’s homegrown analytics tools to meet their growing social sharing business; and Tim’s expansion testing across Facebook and other platforms to drive out adoption.

Written by Megan Vickell on behalf of Jeffery Potvin, Hardboot Communications Inc.

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