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Sep 22, 23, 29 2021

PitchIt Sep 22, 2021

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Unlike most frozen treats, Fressy Bessie ice lollies are made with 100% pureed organic fruit and veg and nothin’ but – making them a healthy and delicious choice for kids, teething babies and those with dietary restrictions.

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ARC Compute

Arc Compute is a low cost, low latency cloud provider specializing in GPU compute. Arc Compute customers save an average of 30%-50% on their cloud computing costs.

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Cya.Live is the world’s first interactive multi-way, live events platform for virtual engagement with large audiences. It helps content creators promote and monetize content through virtual delivery and interactive engagement.

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PitchIt Sep 23, 2021

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Van Der Hout Jewelry

Van Der Hout Jewelry is a direct to consumer (DTC) e-commerce brand focused entirely on fine jewelry, offering only solid gold and gemstone jewelry that can be personalized and still remain affordable.

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3D CityScapes offers a software platform to present cities in the most dynamic and engaging way possible online while also showcasing future developments of the city (property developments, transportation, land developments, etc…).

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RideAlike offers a marketplace for both vehicle owners and vehicle renters. Owners can enjoy extra income to offset their operating expenses, while those that don’t own a vehicle can now have access to a car, truck or van for a few hours or several days.

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Investor Panel Sep 22,23 2021

Investment Day Sep 29, 2021

Startups will be posted by Sep 26, 2021.

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Investor Panel

The Agenda

PitchIt Sep 22

2:00 pm – Opening Address, Laura Lirette

2:05 pm – Fressy Bessie, Jackie Kwitko

2:20 pm – Arc Compute, Justin Richie

2:35 pm – CYA, Sami Siddique

2:50 pm – Closing Remarks, Laura Lirette

PitchIt Sep 23

2:00 pm – Opening Address, Laura Lirette

2:05 pm – 3D CityScapes, James Borst/Raza Jafri

2:20 pm – RideaLike, Zelani Bhuiyan

2:35 pm – SCYiBL, Helen Georgaklis

2:50 pm – Van Der Hout Jewelry, Zach Simbrow

3:05 pm – Closing Remarks, Laura Lirette

Investment Day Sep 29

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