Who is Mindset?

“We believe that with the right tools, people can achieve substantial, tangible, enduring change in their lives. Using modern biosensing, we give people the means to track their neural state, and ultimately master their mind. Our first product is a smart headphone that improves your concentration.”

Mindset tracks your focus throughout the day, and alerts you whenever your concentration drops. Over time, these alerts train your mind and rewire your brain to better tune out distractions.

Why OPN Invested in Mindset

Mindset pitched at #PitchItTO Session 12 on November 23, 2017, shortly thereafter, OPN invested in Mindset. Why did we believe the company had what it takes to make it a success?


The leader of Mindset Jacob Flood, is a smart articulate leader.


Mindset includes a driven team of supportive entrepreneurs.


Mindset solves a problem, with numbers that make sense. Mindset has a structured achievable plan


Mindset has great presale market had has leveraged kickstarters

“Having recently graduated from two top-tier accelerators, set up a supply chain and corporate partnership, and raised $1m+ in Kickstarter pre-sales, Mindset is incredibly well-set for the next stage of company growth.

This next phase – fundraising, product launch, and scaling – brings about a completely new set of challenges, for which the stakes, expectations, and complexity are significantly higher. Tackling these challenges will require a deep business understanding, a vast network, and significant mentorship. For Mindset, OPN has filled that gap.

Jeffery Potvin and OPN have provided mentorship and networking opportunities that have been critical in leading Mindset through our seed stage growth. Whether through introductions to angels and VCs, legal support and coaching through their connection with Miller Thomson, or simply brainstorming on go-to-market strategies and operational infrastructure, OPN has been ready to jump to action at a moment’s notice. Their help is relevant, specific, and effectively translates years of experience into actionable insights that founders can leverage to grow their companies. For Mindset, OPN has been invaluable. 


– Jacob Floor, Founder & CEO