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Are YOU leveraging technology to GROW your Sales?

Jonathan Hamilton, – Prezident, Point Alliance

Are you still keeping client business cards in your desk? Is every sale you make different? Is your sales team scalable? Who knows your clients best?

Have these questions have peaked your interest?

Then join Jonathan Hamilton, President of Point Alliance Inc. – a leader and award winner in Technology Consulting as he shares his personal journey and business development expertise in overcoming challenges and seizing opportunities to find sustainable growth.

Having previously worked for Cognicase, Jonathan joined with partner John Zarei to form Point Alliance Inc. and seize the opportunity they saw in the marketplace and rose from the ashes of the economic downturn and tech bubble burst of 2001.

With his background in IT and Business Development, Jonathan will provide a unique perspective on technology solutions (in some cases free), tools, strategies and ideas that you can apply to your business and sales strategy to make a difference right away.

Integrating technology into the sales process can make everyone’s life easier. From visibility into sales activities, to more predictable sales funnels, to pushing orders right into the accounting system. These can assist salespeople, sales managers and business owners alike.

Join us and be INSPIRED to Use Technology and GROW YOUR Business!

The event will also be live streamed and available through YouTube and Podcasts.

These events are free and held in partnership with Frank Auddino of Vitaliz Inc; The Town of Whitby and Jeffery Potvin of OPN.Ninja

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