eSports Mini Conference

Panels, pitches and industry leaders sharing their knowledge and successes!

APRIL 22, 2021

12:00pm – 4:00 pm est

Featured Speakers

Ben Feferman


CEO, Amuka Esports

Josh Marcus


COO, Rumble Gaming

Chris Olimpo


CEO at Arcadia.tv


Marcus Howard

Esports Advisor, GAME Credits

If you are an industry expert in eSports and would like to join a panel, you can apply by sending your qualifications to the OPN team!

Do you have an eSports Startup?

Pitch your startup to Investors and Industry Experts!

1. Format of 2min video pitch are:
  • What is your problem and solution;
  • If you are raising – how much and valuation;
  • Team and highlights!
2. Film your pitch, the video must be NO LONGER then 2 minutes to qualify. Video Format – Please record the video through Zoom or make sure the video is the same format.
3. Please keep the file high res! Send the file through Dropbox or google drive and share with laura@opn.ninja. Then simply email laura@opn.ninja with a link to your file with your company Logo and a picture of yourself of link to your LinkedIn.
4. You can expect to receive a calendar invite as confirmation of your participation.


The Agenda

The Pitches

Join OPN at our inaugural eSports Mini Conference alongside industry experts!