CPG Startup Global Mini-Conference

CPG Panels, pitches and industry leaders sharing their knowledge and successes!

June 17, 2021

12:00pm – 3:00 pm est

Keynote, Nicholas Reichenbach

Nicholas Reichenbach

Nicholas Reichenbach

Founder & Executive Chairman at Flow Alkaline Spring Water

Mr. Reichenbach is a seasoned executive & serial start-up, investor and consumer product entrepreneur. Mr. Reichenbach has built a robust track record over the last 25 years, founding, creating and building multiple businesses in the consumer goods, social media, internet/mobile technology, entertainment and hospitality space; Flow (ESG premium wellness beverage company), SimplyProtein (Canada #1 plant-based protein snack company), Rabbit (a leading social video chat platform venture-backed by Google Ventures, CrunchFund and other leading VCs), GuestDriven (a leading start-up in hospitality/hotel SaaS with clients such as Thompson, Hyatt & Intercontinental), Magmic Games (Voted top 10 mobile social game & app publisher having produced over 300 games from Guitar Hero mobile to NewYork Times Crosswords) and Bplay( One of the largest mobile smart phone direct-to-consumer mobile content storefront that powered At&t, Verizon (Alltel), U.S. Cellular, Rogers Wireless and R.I.M Blackberrys, worldwide).

Mr. Reichenbach’s latest venture, where he holds the role of Executive Chairmen and previously held the role of CEO, is Flow Water Inc. Flow is a sustainably packaged, alkaline spring water built on the power of mindful positivity. Flow holds a B-Corp certification and has partnered with Tetra Pak to disrupt the water category and build a brand that aligns with consumer values for sustainability, quality, health and wellness.


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