“The only thing that is constant is change”

What might come as a surprise to you about this quote is that it comes from a fellow named Heraclitus, who was posting blogs on linen scrolls around 400 BC!
Funny thing is we picture 400 BC as a time of relatively slow and steady evolution.
Fast forward to today and Heraclitus would probably think of a few more things to say.
If our ancestors had trouble keeping up with change, imagine how hard it is in today’s ever-changing digital age.

The ability to accept change isn’t an easy thing to develop, but once you have this in your toolkit, you’ll be able to recognize new ways of thinking and see opportunities that you might have overlooked. When faced with a new challenge, a shifting paradigm, or a disruption, don’t fight it, learn what it will mean to your business, and find the advantage it presents.

The companies that succeed in this time of rapid change will be those that develop models to adopt change. This requires formal processes and in many cases outside help to discover and evaluate relevant options.

Remember, Change is Awesome

Jeffery Potvin
Founder & CEO

Hardboot Inc.